Table of Contents        
Preface and Personal Information

Trade Names, Trade Marks, and References

Air and Gases
Composition of Air
Physical Properties of Air
Densities of Gases
Standard Atmosphere Definition
General Gas Laws &Formulas
Density of Moist Air
Elevation vs. Air & Water Properties
Dry Air Specific Heat & Sound Velocity at 1 Atmosphere for Various Temperatures
Dry Air Specific Heat at 20C Constant Temperature and Various Pressures
Air Tool CFM & PSI Requirements
CFM vs. PSI for Various Nozzle Sizes
Air Hose Friction & Pressure Loss
Air Line Recommended Sizes
Air Receiver Capacities
Air Pollution Safe Limits

Antifreeze Table
Spark Plug Spark Plug
Lead-Acid Battery Specific Gravity/Charge
Oil Viscosity vs. Temperature
Auto Headlight Warning
Automotive Air Conditioning
Automotive Electric Wiring
Tire Size vs. Load Rating
Tire Manufacturer Codes
Tire Size Coding
Load Range vs. Ply Rating
Automotive Formulas

Carpentry and Construction
Softwood Lumber Sizes
Softwood Lumber Grading
Hardwood Lumber Size and Grade
Wood Moisture Content
Plywood & Panel Grading
Wood Characteristics
Insulation Value of Materials
Maximum Floor Joist Spans
Strength of Wood Beams
Wood Gluing Characteristics

Chemistry and Physics
Element Tables
Element Properties
Periodic Table of the Elements
pH of Common Acids
pH of Common Bases
pH Indicators
Elementary Particles
Radioisotope Half Lives
Uranium-238 Decay Series
Galvanic Series of Metals in Seawater

Computer ASCII Codes
IBM PC Memory Map
IBM PC Hardware Interrupts
Serial Ports
DMA Channels
Megabytes and Kilobytes

Constants - Physical, Chemical and Math
Electrical - Wire, Motors and Frames
Copper Wire Current Capacity
Ampacity vs. Temperature Correction
Copper Wire Current Capacity (3 wire)
Standard Lamp & Extension Cord Current Capacities
Aluminum Wire Amp Capacity
Ampacity vs. Temp. Correction (Al)
Aluminum Wire Amp Capacity (3 wire)
Current Adjustment for more than 3 Wires in a Cable
Copper Wire Resistance
Standard Copper Wire Specs
Wire Classes & Insulation
Standard Wire Color Codes
Wire Size vs. Voltage Drop
Conduit Size vs. Wire Size
Box Size vs. Number of Wires
Average Electric Motor Specs
NEMA Electric Motor Frames
NEMA Electric Enclosure Types
DC Motor Wiring Specs
3 Phase Electric Motor Specs
HP vs. Torque vs. RPM for Motors

Resistor Color Codes
Resistor Standard Values
Capacitor Color Codes
Capacitor Standard Values
Pilot Lamp Specs
Fuses - Small Tube Type
Battery Characteristics
Batteries - Standard Sizes
RF Coil Winding Data
Wire Size vs. Number of Turns/Inch
Decibels vs. Voltage & Power Ratios
Formulas for Electricity

General Information
Season & Clock Dates
Signs of the zodiac
Flowers for each Month
Anniversary Names
Paper Sizes
English - Greek Alphabet
Radio Alphabet
Morse Code
"Ten" Radio Codes
Military Rank and Grade
State Information
Climate Data in U.S. Cities
Time Zones in the US
Time Zones in the World
Telephone Area Codes by Location
Telephone Area Codes by Area Code
Airports in the USA with Elevation, Codes, City Populations and Airport Name
Major World Airports & Elevations
Airline Two Letter Codes
Airline 1-800 Phone Numbers
Lost Credit Card Phone Numbers

General Science
Temperature Conversions F-C
Sound Intensities
Human Body Composition
Body Weight vs. Height
Physical Growth % - Boys
Physical Growth %$- Girls
Acceleration Due to Gravity
Beaufort Wind Strength Scale
Wind Chill Factors
Heat - Humidity Factors
Firewood/Fuel Heat Comparisons
Frequency Spectrum
Sun and Planetary Data

Mineral Table Abbreviations
Mineral Tables
Element to Oxide Conversions
Minerals Sorted by Density
Minerals Sorted by Hardness
Metal Content of Minerals

Geology (cont.)
Distinct Color Minerals
Mineral Crystal System
Minor Elements in Sedimentary Rocks
Minor Elements in Igneous Rocks
Igneous Rock Classification
Igneous Rock Classes by Color
Sedimentary Rock Classes
Metamorphic Rock Classes
Geochemical Lower Detection Limits
Mohs Scale of Hardness
Particle Size Descriptions
Richter & Mercali Earthquake Scales
Core Drill Specs
Geologic Time Scale

Glue, Solvents, Paints and Finishes
Glue Types and Applications
Common Solvents
Paints and Finishes

Bolt Torque Specs (Inch)
Effect of Lubrication on Torque Rating
Bolt Torque Specs (Metric)
Bolt Torque Specs (Whitworth Std)
Wood Screw Specifications
Wood Screw Number vs. Screw Length
Sheet Metal Screw Specs
Pictures of Screw Heads
Cable Clamps for Wire Rope
Pictures of Nail Types

Numeric Prefixes
Roman Numerals
Convert Inch-Foot-mm-Drill #
Squares, Cubes and Roots
Degrees, Radians, and Trig Functions
Log, Log e, Circumference, & Circle Area
Right Triangle Formulas
Oblique Triangle Formulas
Plane Figure Formulas
Solid Figure Formulas

Mine, Mill and Aggregate
Standard Sieve Series
Mineral Dressing Sizing Scale
Stockpile Volume and Weight
Material Dumping Angles
Rock Bulking Factors
Length of Conveyor Belt in a Roll
Conveyor Slope Angle Maximums
Conveyor Capacities
Conveyor Horsepower vs. Load
Jaw Crusher Horsepower vs. Tons/Hour

Currency Exchange Rates
Discount Factors for Net Present Value
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Numbered Days of the Year

Plumbing and Pipe
Copper Pipe and Tubing
Plastic Pipe
Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe Formulas
Steel Pipe - Pressure Ratings of Sch 40

Rope, Cable and Chain
Rope (poly, nylon, manila)
Wire Rope
Feet of Cable or Rope on a Reel
Pull Angle vs. Strength Loss

Steel and Metals
Steel Wire Gauges
Steel Sheet Gauges
Steel Plate Sizes
Wire and Sheet Specifications
Channel Steel
Angle Steel
Tee Steel
Round Bar Steel
Square Bar Steel
Hexagonal Bar Steel
Octagonal Bar Steel
Flat Steel
Square Steel Tubing
Rectangular Steel Tubing
Round Steel Tubing
Aluminum Types

Surveying and Mapping
Percent Grade to Degrees
Stadia Table
Formulas to Create Stadia Table
Mapping Scales and Areas
Apparent Dip Table
Three Point Problem
Magnetic Declination Map

American National Taps and Dies
Metric Taps and Dies
British Taps and Dies
British Association Standard Thread
American Standard Taper Pipe Thread
American Standard Straight Pipe Thread
Drill and Cutting Lubricants
Drill Speed vs. Material
File Extinguishers
Sandpaper and Abrasives
Power Circular Hand Saws
Saber Saws
Capacities of Hydraulic Rams in Tons

Friction Loss in Various Pipe
Friction Loss Tables
Friction Loss in Fittings
Suction, Head & Vapor Press vs. Altitude
Horizontal Pipe Discharge
Nozzle Discharge
Vertical Pipe Discharge
Weir Discharge Volumes
Horizontal Cylinder Fillage
Steam Table
Water Pollution
Water Hardness
Water Data & Formulas

Weights & Properties of Materials

Arc Electrodes - Mild Steel
Electrode Amperages
Electrodes - Low Allow Steel
Electrodes - Stainless Steel
Electrode Brand Conversion (Steel)
Gas Welding Rods
Welding Gases
Hard and Soft Solder Alloys
Solder Flux
Tempering Color for Steel

Conversion Tables

Perpetual Calendar


Notes - Blank Pages and Rulers