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The following books are currently out of print and there is no date for them to be made available.

Measure for Measure - none available
Pocket Partner - we have 1 in stock
Handyman - we have 5 available.

We have changed our payment processor, making it easier for you to use your credit card to make your purchases. If you need assistance please Email: Betty or call 719 486-5454 and we will assist you.

Please note that all books are shipped via the US Postal Service. Our site is now set to price shipping by the ounce, and based on a shipping method using the USPS "if it fits it ships". Larger orders may not produce correct shipping rates. Excess shipping will be refunded.

International shipping is a best-guess. Orders will not be sent until sufficient postage is received, and excess shipping will be refunded.

We are a small company desiring to provide you with competitive pricing on our books because we know you can purchase from big companies such as Amazon. However we cannot compete in both price and free shipping without losing money. We greatly appreciate your support.

PocketRef Reference books that go where you go! The amazing Shirt Pocket Reference Series...

Information that goes where you go!

Please review the Pocket Reference Books tab, check out each books content samples, and try the online reference information that PocketRef.com has provided for your use. Pocketref now comes in a spanish version too.

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